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You Are Not Alone With Debt Problems

Many people don’t realize that debt problems are common among their peers and people in their community. In fact, most people struggle with debt problems at some point in life. If you are facing debt problems, you are not alone. We hear from people every day who are experiencing harassment and bullying behavior from creditors and their collection agents. These issues are a common complaint.

Even if you are in debt, you still have rights. Being in arrears on some debts does not mean you should have to be subject to harassment.

You have rights, and you need someone to help protect those rights. Attorney Eric J. Landes can help you. A Pottstown local, he represents Pennsylvania clients in debt collections defense. He will take a personalized, hands-on approach to help you stop creditor harassment.

Your Rights Under The Law

Pennsylvania’s Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act (FCEUA) protects debtors from harassment and improper debt collection practices such as trying to humiliate and shame you. Threats of jail time and wage garnishment from a collection agency are not legally enforceable.

Attorney Landes will:

  • Make debt collectors stop harassing you with phone calls, texts, emails and threats they cannot enforce
  • Make debt collectors stop garnishing your wages when this is illegal
  • Make debt collectors account for every penny they are trying to collect (often collections agents lack sufficient documentation or significant errors are made)
  • Hold debt collectors accountable for every violation they commit against you
  • Get your debts discharged if possible
  • Negotiate a more equitable payment plan if appropriate

Our firm will utilize the rules of civil procedure to the full permissible extent to win your case. Just because you borrowed money does not mean the company suing you can prove it. The company suing you needs to prove that a debt is owed, that you are the person that owes it and that it is the company that deserves to collect it.

Attorney Landes has handled all types of debt cases and we can generally determine what evidence creditors need to prove their case. If it is not there, we will go to court and get a judgement in your favor. If things don’t go our way, we can appeal the decision and re-evaluate whether we want to try the case again, or if we want to settle it.

Defending Borrowers In Court Against Private Student Loan Companies

While student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, the contracts issued by private student loan companies can be challenged in court like any other contract. The student loan provider needs to prove their case in court if they wish to collect by getting a civil judgment. Attorney Landes has successfully defended borrowers in court against private student loan companies across northeast Pennsylvania.

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